Loving You Enough To Say Good-bye

Why does love have to hurt?
Why can’t love be easy?
Why do hearts have to break?
Just give me one good reason.

Why does love feel so strong?
These feelings that I feel.
This love that haunts my inner self.
Why is love so real?

I can not keep these feelings
All tangled up inside.
Oh God I love you so much.
I think I’m going to die.

My heart is beating one path
While my intellect another.
I know that way deep down within,
My mind and emotions struggle.

I want this love set free
But there is weight upon its wings.
Flying forward but standing still,
Held back by many things.

To let go now, it hurts.
With the time and effort gone.
I Just recognize no failure.
Only that my love was strong.

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