When Voice Blogging Was Fun (repost from The Gossip Column at Bligoo.com)

WOW! I just realized it’s been 9 months since the close of Snapvine.com! I wish sometimes I could go back in time to when Snapvine was still open and everyone on there was getting along and having fun posting blogs and commenting on all their friends blogs. Also,Showing their support and concern for eachother. That’s how it should be! That’s the way God wants us to be! Loving, caring and understanding one another’s problems instead of judging, criticizing and making fun of the ones whom is suppose to be our friends. We are suppose to bare one another’s burdens not leave them struggling with a heavy load!


This Snapvine tribute that was made by a great friend of mine, Gilbert Gonzales Jr., is an example of how we use to care for eachother. Why can’t it be that way again? Instead of turning our backs on the other, at least lend an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on. If we turn our backs on eachother, why should we expect God not to turn His back to us? Thanks Gilbert for this tribute. I will always treasure it! *HUGS*

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