Asian’s: Aliens or Robots?

10 thoughts on “Asian’s: Aliens or Robots?

  1. @Laura – My brothers friend had also mentioned that most Asian graveyards are so packed that they have to dig grave plots side by side and there not being any Chinese funeral because theres no room in graveyards. So with that being said, where are these bodies going? My brother’s friend is trippy but I’ll get the whole story.


  2. @Laura – My brother told me that when he was Europe, there’d be alot of Asian people there with all these Chinese restaurants; and my brothers friend had asked him “Have you ever noticed that you see all these Chinese people, but you never ever see a Chinese funeral?” They both thought about it for a moment and tried to come up with different ways on how they would transport a dead body on a boat or plane. For some reason, it was a mystery in Europe. Ima have to ask my brother again on that one. Some people would say “We’re eating grandpa and grandma!” Eeee! Creepy.


  3. @ClayTech – I dispise anyone who cant laugh, talk or smile. I get weird going to restaurants like that, not to mention putting up with them cuz you know they dont want to put up with you. Besides, their lunch and dinner prices are wack. You can go in there for their $3.99 lunch special, but they dont mark you down for that shyt. If you eat into the dinner price of $8.99, they gunn charge you for that shyt. I think most Chinese restaurants do everyone dirty. Thats just their thing and thats how they run such a crooked ass business.


  4. @ Laura – If thats the case, then Im going to sit “AT” the buffet. lmao! Fuck them. We should quit eating and supporting their restaurant if they dont/wont purchase American made stuff. But shyt, most of the things we got in our stores are all fuckin’ made from China any damn way 😀 Im just saying!


  5. They always look at me like “That fat ass is going to eat too much!” lol. The place I go to, they actually know me by name, but other places scare me. They don’t like smile, speak, or anything. They look at you with a glazed look like they are fuckin robots! It’s scary. lol. I agree with you. The next time, I’ll spill some water on them. 😀


  6. It’s becuz they don’t want you to eat too much off the buffet!! LOL
    And plus they think you are MEXICAN! hehehe and I think they got a spaceship on top of the restaurant! ROTFLMAO!! Funny ass blog Audie!


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