I Just Felt Like I Needed to Post This

5 thoughts on “I Just Felt Like I Needed to Post This

  1. Friends … we can never have enough of those, but they are very rare these days.
    Anyways, I’m sure we can all get along if we try hard enough and respect one another 🙂


  2. When you honestly forgive a person, you forget about it too. I know what I did was VERY WRONG. I am only human tho. And I would just like a chance to be your friend again. You are and forever will be a part of my heart ❤


  3. when I became a man, I put away childish things” (1 Corinthians 13:11)

    It was nice to hear this when you originally posted it, but to be honest with you .. it didn’t really help heal the wounds too much. I think that doing something to someone in anger with the sole purpose of doing it to get revenge, and then apologizing for doing it is kind of childish.

    Do you think that for a moment when I get hurt by people I don’t initially want to slander them in public? … of course I do, but it takes a lot of self control and self respect to fight that urge and realize that if you do that it won’t do any good anyways because people don’t change, and it will only make you look bad and feel bad. It also purposely hurts people and if you are a good Christian and try and love each other like the good book tells us .. then you learn how to control your anger and try and understand and forgive other’s wrong doings against us. basically you give it to God, and he heals us when we are ready.

    Beating someone up verbally in public is not much better than physically doing it , as they both produce the same result .. it hurts people and causes wounds that take a long time to heal. I forgave you along time ago for all of this .. it’s just the forgetting part that I struggle with.
    And as long as the memories still remain, then it will be hard to trust again.

    You said earlier today that I hated you, but the fact of the matter is I never hated you. I always liked you. If I didn’t like you, you would have never made it to Michigan.


  4. Awe, Mama Bear! I hate hearing you cry. I started crying when I heard this. I freaked out because when I pressed play, I had no idea this was recorded months ago. Now that I know this, Im relieved. Im glad you guys are working out/mending your friendship back together. Im happy for you guys, and I luv u both :`)


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