Laura’s Turbo Power Washer ft. AlabamieMamie

10 thoughts on “Laura’s Turbo Power Washer ft. AlabamieMamie

  1. OMG … This is funny!

    Except you have the lineup wrong. For starters Holger’s too in to himself so unless he’s in the videos he won’t watch them at all 😛


      • Just thought I would put this out there in Holger’s defense :

        Out of the Horse’s Mouth

        July 9 at 9:12am
        For the record, I don’t watch porn. I have a more than healthy sex life and am in a very committed relationship. This gossip I can really do without Laura. You may find it amusing but I do not. I have never said anything about you in a public forum and would appreciate if you would do the same.


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