Truths That Women Have About Men

We all know women keep certain things from men (men from women too but that’s later), not a surprise to many of you. Here’s a few of them:

  1. My best friend knows everything.
  2. Even if i insist on paying/splitting the bill on our first date. I’ll think you’re cheap if you let me.
  3. I sleep/keep your clothes because they smell like you.
  4. I’ll never tell the truth about how many guys I’ve slept with.
  5. I’m constantly testing you.
  6. I masturbate. Maybe, As regularly as you do.
  7. I think about sex with you. A LOT.
  8. I’m as nervous about commitment as you are.
  9. I like to make you jealous. A little.
  10. I like it when you lead. In the bedroom and out.
  11. I’ve fantasized about having sex with you before we actually did. Countless times.
  12. I still compare my ex-boyfriends to you. You mostly win.
  13. My body is not naturally this hairless. You’ll never know how hard I work to keep it that way though.
  14. I’ve seen your porn stash/websites. I find it hilarious.
  15. You’ve made me cry more than you will ever know.
  16. I like it when you talk a little dirty.
  17. The more I like you, the less likely I will sleep with you quickly. Alcohol will ruin this plan though.
  18. I need constant reminders that you want me around.
  19. I start fights with you because I’m feeling ignored. I’m trying to force emotion out of you.
  20. If I’m going to break up with you. All my friends know before you.
  21. I get hit on more than you realize.
  22. I’ve done at least one thing I would rather you never know.
  23. I fake it sometimes. More than you’ll ever know.

Women aren’t alone in this though (I foresaw the sexist comments I was about to receive), men also keep things from women. The next post will list some of them. And if you agree/disagree with the list leave a quick comment and tell dancePROOF (me) why you do or don’t.

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