Is it Just An Orange?

Just an orange right?

That stopped being an orange (grapefruit?) the second he folded it in half and slowly slid his fingers inside the crevice. The way that juice flows out of there while he’s probing deeper and deeper makes you want to 1.) swear off fruit, and 2.) apologize to women you’ve never wronged.

He’s getting his fingers all sticky and gross, and he’s definitely going to have to wipe up that counter when he’s done. Not to mention the fact that his juice is going to taste like finger. Or will it?

“He’s licking the peel just like a …… oooh yeah!”

Getting the picture now? Kinda Erotic huh? You find yourself really getting into this orange now,  ORANGE YA? LOL!

I just want to warn you, this gets worse. You can turn back now if you like. For the rest of you who truly hate yourselves, let’s move on,

and try to keep in mind …

Don’t get carried away with yourself now!

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