A Prayer Chain for My Mom



This is a Prayer Chain for My Mom, Please Help to pass this on. August 10, 2009, my mom, Barbara Slaten, went to Crestwood Medical Center to have a pain pump put in her pain because she was suffering from osteoporosis and just from simply bending over to pick something up off the floor, it caused her vertebrae to crack and had to have surgery to repair it. Because of her whole spine being brittle, one by one, my mom’s vertebrates were breaking after each repair. The doctor’s had her on alot of pain medicine and it was causing her to have alot of breathing problems. So because of her failure to have all of the test run before the surgery, they put it off and just sent her to the emergency room for a pain shot before sending her home. The ER doctor, gave my mother 1 shot of 75mgs of Demerol and 2 shots of 2mgs of Dilaudid, which is 10 times stronger than morphine, and sent her home! My mother was incoherent by the time she made it home and died within an hour of being home. I have since then filed a lawsuit against Crestwood Medical Center to stop this kind of tragedy from happening to someone else. I am going to be representing myself because I cannot find a lawyer to represent me because this kind of case is solely taken on a contingent payment basis. I know that it is only because they are not guaranteed any money without winning the case. I have seen God’s Power move mountains! My mom was a good christian woman who spent her latter years doing God’s work, going to the jails and talking with the inmates about the Love of God and how He died on the cross for them too! She helped so many people find their way to God even in the jailhouse! GOD’S WILL< WILL BE DONE!! PLEASE PRAY FOR ME THAT HIS WILL IS DONE! This Friday is my hearing date and I NEED ALL THE PRAYERS I CAN GET! PASS THIS ON!

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