@Words of a Heart In Love

2 thoughts on “@Words of a Heart In Love

  1. WoW thats something else, tks for sharing with me. I dont know what is the deal with my love but i really dont think he has another woman other than his wife and myself. YES i am a sucker for pain or better yet im just to weak to give up on him or imagine a life where i dont at least get the scraps i do when i do get it, and yes its too late for me, because ur right i will NEVER TRUST MY HEART to no other. Hopefully this time since he cant call he will stay away long enough for me to realize i can go on without him n that i dont have to settle for a small percent of affection meanwhile im giving my complete and total self.


  2. I hate guys who do this kind of shit cuz they ruin it for all the ones who don’t …..Kudos for putting him on a stick lol


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