A Rant and A ShoutOut All in One! LOL

3 thoughts on “A Rant and A ShoutOut All in One! LOL

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  2. Thanks Laura…yeah, that chick tries to be nice, but it always sounds like she wants to be friends, but i just know she is just full of shit…

    You’re welcome…being a christian..i have to forgive you if i want God to forgive me, I ain’t saying i’ll forget…no one can ever forget the shit we did to each other…i think we both just got tired of fighting..we both realized WHO was the cause of the strife…HOWEVER, we can all be fe-friends … knowing now that we have certain lines that CAN NOT be crossed, ya know?

    and i totally agree about being able to tell when a person means what they say … being audio ppl online ..we can tell it in their voice! fer sur fer sur…


    • Yep we sure can. And I can tell by the comments on my stuff and post made by this person what they are really up too, ya know? Shit stirrers and Mind Fucking folks is BULLSHIT! Say what you mean and mean what you say! That’s always been my mato! But I really do wanna thank you for being honest with how you felt about me no matter if it was that you didn’t like me. I at least knew where I stood! *hugs n have a great weekend*


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