Deceiving Spirits can be very Dangerous!!

One thought on “Deceiving Spirits can be very Dangerous!!

  1. Wow, I happened on Laura on Sing Snap and to this blog and saw this post.
    Great post Laura.
    I am signed up on blogtalk.
    Through movies we are effected by what is said. Words do have power.
    One time back I watched a movie that had a witch on it speaking a spell. IT effected me then my husband right after, a full attack on our body. So explain that who ever says it is not biblical.
    Read First Thessalonians 5. In this scripture it tells us of how we should live for the Lord and to abstain from all appearances of evil. Letting us know that the thief comes in as a thief in the night. I know any time a movie comes up that is evil or has evil in it I stay away.
    The movie my husband and i last watched that had that witch in it showed me again how powerful words are, even in just a movie. Even the same the little movie Hocus Pocus


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