When Nothing Seems To Go Right

2 thoughts on “When Nothing Seems To Go Right

  1. Hey lady.. u have me bawling my eyes out.. im so sorry for your pain. Ive been there so many times and Im still there in the same boat as u.. honey u r my voice. . Your posts touches my heart and soul deeply. Everything u are saying here and all ur other post its me.. its my life my pain my heart ache my feelings of loneliness and emptiness. . I cant put my feelings out because I have ALWAYS been the strong one in my family, im the one that has always carried of the world for not just myself but for my family and friends also. I have always had to put up that front, u know when you just have to put on a smile and wipe away the tears and push through life… I have always put others b4 myself and never dealt with my own problems and emotions because I have always helped others. Until January 13, (2 wks ago) I finally just couldn’t hide anymore. . I had a major break down and cried all day every single minute of every day for a whole wk none stop. A certain picture or song or restaurant or just a scent , I couldn’t help it. . I would just break down. I have wanted to just crawl up in a hole somewhere and never come out but nothing has ever compared to that wk. I literally wanted to just close my eyes and go to sleep and could care less if I woke up. The thing that saved me was my 3 kids… I realized I wasn’t ready to leave my kids, the only 3 perfect choices I have ever made in my life. Im not sure why the hell im posting all this here , but I just need u to know what ur posts mean to me… they make me realize that I AM NOT ALONE… and I honestly think that is why im telling you all this because I want you to know that you are not alone.. Thank u mam… U know u can message me anytime .. luv ya


    • Maybe God led you to me so that we can help each other heal. He always has a purpose for His plan. Thanks for posting this comment.
      At least I know that my post wasn’t in vain, Love you too Amy! *hugs*


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